Experienced and dynamic trainers facilitate workshops, each bringing to the sessions varied and comprehensive experience in sociology, psychology, stigma, mental health, education and communications. Facilitators utilize a variety of learning approaches including media role-playing, group discussions and media analysis to foster positive change.

  • Stigma…In Our Organization, In Our Lives:
    This training helps organizations develop or foster a culture of shared responsibility by meaningfully educating participants about social stigma and its profound effects on the community. All participants will have a greater understanding of their role creating a safe environment and supporting community norms of justice, equality and respect.
  • Stigma From The Inside Out:
    Internalized stigma has profoundly difficult consequences, including depression, withdrawal, and low self-esteem. This workshop helps participants identify, understand, prevent and overcome its effects.
  • Stigma – Language Matters:
    An interactive forum where participants discuss the power of words, exploring how stigma is threaded within our language and our culture, and has become a social norm. We will then develop alternative word choices to the stigmatizing language.