Stuff to Start a School Club

We want to help you b the best school club you can b, so check out these materials to help get you started.

Logo: Use an image to accompany your article in the school paper, on flyers distributed to students, or on a poster hanging in the school hallway; these logos are may be used, but please don’t alter them. They are Trademark protected.

Colors: Help let others recognize that YOUR club is affiliated with B Stigma-Free. Our colors are Purple Pantone 2627 and Orange Pantone 144. This table provides the codes so you can match the colors just right.


Spread the word about your club. Here is some sample language that you can use and modify to suit your needs.

  • Sample organization description:  succinctly describe your club to others
  • – Sample email introduction: let your friends and classmates know all about the new group
  • – Sample press release: some of the interesting tidbits about B Stigma-Free that you might want to include
  • – Sample school newspaper article: of course the article should be your own, but we’ve provided some background about B Stigma-Free to help you out on the nitty gritty details

Join the b Team:



Signing the pledge makes a definitive statement to yourself and others that you want to b stigma-free. Doing so acknowledges that our actions affect others, and we have the choice to decide if we want to b kind. To b accepting. To b tolerant.

Join the movement and b.