Stigma & Race and Identity

Racial stigma and its consequences. Loury, G. C. (2005). Focus, 24(1), 1-6.

The racial stigma afflicting African Americans suggests that any successful and consistent theory of racial inequality must account for the processes that systematically block realization of full human potential. Read article here.

 “We’d Be Free”: Narratives of Life Without Homophobia, Racism, or Sexism. Meyer, I. H., Ouellette, S. C., Haile, R., & McFarlane, T. A. (2011). Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 8(3), 204-214. Stigma and social inequality deprive disadvantaged social groups of a sense of social well-being. Read article here.

A Culture of Stigma: Black Women and Mental Health.

Okeke, A. (2013). Undergraduate Research Awards. Paper 13. This project explores the history of medical experimentation on African Americans, the resulting distrust of medical institutions, and the stereotypes of Black women that may affect cultural views of mental illness. Using the case study method, this research suggests that the intersection of these factors influences Black women’s pursuit of and experiences with mental healthcare. Read article here.