Conferences: Places to Give and Take

B Stigma-Free  is connecting with our stakeholders, professionals and students and conducting presentations to create social change. Here we learn from our colleagues, share our experiences and network with others who are also concerned about challenging social stigma. These are wonderful places to explore methodology and strategy with others who are interested in our cause and motivated to take action.


conference flyer2016 Conference Presentations

International Conference on Stigma at Howard University, Washington, DC
November 18, 2016

Standing Together Agains Fear, Blame & Shame
Conversations About Stigma: Breaking Down SilosTake ACTION – follow this link for a list of things that you can do to combat stigma.

2015 Conference Presentations

International Conference on Stigma at Howard University
November 20, 2015
Challenging Stigma Across Identities: Finding Commonalities & Developing Action Plans

Social Justice Leadership Conference: Unmasking Social Change, Wesleyan University
October 31, 2015
Cross-Identity Collaboration Building for Social Change: Bring it to Your Community

Eastern Psychological Association, Philadelphia, PA
March 6, 2015
Creating social change through coalition building: finding common ground within divergent groups

Board of Directors:

Dana Beyer, MD

Thomas Kaylor

Marvin Pannell, MBA

Nermis Rosario, CFA

Vernon S. Thompson, DMin, MEd, MDiv


Advisory Council:

Neelum T. Aggarwal, MD

Patrick Corrigan, PsyD

Irwin Krieger, LCSW

William B. Lawson, MD, PhD, DLFAPA

Andrea Leonardi, MA

Deborah Lipschitz, MD

Michael Morris, PhD

Sonia M. Ospina, PhD

Rebecca M. Puhl, PhD

Marilyn Price Spivack

Janie Victoria Ward, EdD, MEd