Partners share our mission to eliminate stigma

B Stigma-Free is aligning with others who share our goal to end stigma and foster a supportive culture of respect. By forging strategic partnerships with divergent organizations that represent groups of people who are stigmatized, we broaden our strength and influence, and become a united and powerful voice.

We are proud to partner with these influential organizations who support our Basic Tenets and Guiding Principles, and are confident that through collective action we will reduce stigma by advocating for a society that offers dignity and respect to everyone.


National Partners

ADCThe American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) is a civil rights organization committed to defending the rights of people of Arab descent, promoting mutual understanding and preserving Arab American cultural heritage. Founded by Senator James Abourezk in 1980, ADC is the largest grassroots Arab American organization in the United States today.

aapd-logoThe American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is a convener, connector, and catalyst for change, increasing the political and economic power of people with disabilities. As a national cross-disability rights organization, AAPD advocates for full civil rights for the 50+ million Americans with disabilities by promoting equal opportunity, economic power, independent living, and political participation.


Image of CenterLink's LogoCenterLink was founded in 1994 as a member-based coalition to support the development of strong, sustainable LGBT community centers.  The organization plays an important role in supporting the growth of LGBT centers and addressing the challenges they face, by helping them to improve their organizational and service delivery capacity and increase access to public resources. Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, CenterLink works with other national organizations to advance the rights of LGBT individuals and to provide LGBT community centers with information and analysis of key issues.


Howard Aids related stigmaThe Coalition for the Elimination of AIDS-Related Stigma at Howard University stands together for human rights in health. The Coalition focuses efforts to diminish and eliminate the stigma associated with HIV. Stigma prevents citizens from getting tested for HIV, seeking medical care, and disclosing diagnosis to loved ones and adhering to treatment and follow up, and it has become a major reason why the HIV epidemic continues.




The mission of International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred) is to shine a positive light on depression and eliminate the stigma associated with the disease through prevention, research, and education. Its goal is to ensure 100% of the 350 million people affected by depression seek and receive treatment.


lsht-logoLet’s Stop HIV Together More than three decades after the first HIV diagnoses were made, stigma remains a barrier to addressing HIV in the United States. The CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign raises awareness that we all have a role to play in stopping HIV stigma. When we support people living with HIV, we make it easier for them to live healthy lives.


LPA_LOGOLittle People of America (LPA) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with dwarfism throughout their lives while celebrating with great pride Little People’s contribution to social diversity. LPA strives to bring solutions and global awareness to the prominent issues affecting individuals of short stature and their families.


MHAMental Health America (MHA), founded in 1909, is the nation’s leading community-based non-profit dedicated to helping all Americans achieve wellness by living mentally healthier lives. Our work is driven by our commitment to promote mental health as a critical part of overall wellness, including prevention services for all, early identification and intervention for those at risk, integrated care and treatment for those who need it – with recovery as the goal.



Mission: Launch, Inc. is a non-profit founded by a mother-daughter team after enduring prison as a family. It is committed to the elimination of bias against those with arrest and/or convictions so that they can rejoin society, meeting their potential free of the stigma which often creates an invisible life sentence. Its mission is to improve social outcomes for this marginalized community by building software to uphold human rights; designing opportunities for civic engagement; and amplifying inclusive thought leadership and personal narratives to encourage empathy.


NEDA_Logo_ColorThe National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) is the leading 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the United States advocating on behalf of and supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. Reaching millions every year, we campaign for prevention, improved access to quality treatment, and increased research funding to better understand and treat eating disorders. We work with partners and volunteers to develop programs and tools to help everyone who seeks assistance.

NPSC logoThe National Prevention Science Coalition prevents social ills and promotes wellbeing by translating scientific knowledge into effective and sustainable practices, systems and policies. It was formed to apply scientific findings toward wide-scale implementation of effective prevention practices and policies.

OAC LogoThe Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) with 50,000 members, helps individuals affected by obesity toward better health through education, advocacy and support. Its focuses are to raise awareness and improve access to the prevention and treatment of obesity, provide evidence-based education on obesity and its treatments, fight to eliminate weight bias and discrimination, elevate the conversation of weight and its impact on health and offer a community of support for the individual affected.

teach_to_lead-logoIn coordination with supporting organizations, Teach to Lead® hosts regional Teacher Leadership Summits to help spotlight and advance the groundbreaking, teacher-led work that is happening in states, districts, and schools across the country. 



The mission of Village to Village Network is to enable communities to establish and effectively manage aging in community organizations initiated and inspired by their members.



Regional Partners

Phil DBHDSPhiladelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbility Services (DBHIDS) utilizes a network of agencies to provide services while collaborating with the Philadelphia School District, child welfare and judicial systems, and other stakeholders. They embrace a vision of recovery, resilience, and self-determination and continue to shift to a model of care directed by the person in recovery.


EachMindMatters logo CMYKEach Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement. We are millions of individuals and thousands of organizations working to advance mental health. The mental health movement certainly didn’t start with us, but Each Mind Matters was created to unite all of us who share a vision of improved mental health and equality. Our goal is to amplify the voices of all people who want to put an end to this stigma, creating a community where everyone feels comfortable reaching out for the support they deserve.


Gender-Rights-MarylandThe purpose of Gender Rights Maryland is to promote civil rights, education, tolerance, equality and acceptance on the basis of sex and gender identity/expression in the State of Maryland.


Professional Societies


The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is an organization that functions at the local, national, and international level to advance women in medicine and improve women’s health. We achieve this by providing and developing leadership, advocacy, education, expertise and mentoring and through building strategic alliances. Founded in 1915, AMWA is the oldest multi-specialty organization of women physicians.  As the vision and voice of women in medicine for nearly a century, AMWA empowers women to lead in improving health for all, within a model that reflects the unique perspective of women.



Did We Miss You???

Discrimination, bullying and stigma are global problems that can affect any of us. We are proud to join forces with the many organizations working to end stigma.

If you represent an organization that is committed to ensuring that every person is treated with respect, support and acceptance, regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion, culture, gender, orientation or ability, please introduce your organization to us at  We are happy to extend and promote our partnership with those who share our Basic Tenets and Guiding Principles.

Thank You!