Guest Blogger Guidelines

B Stigma-Free helps people understand what stigma is, how it causes harm, and how to eliminate it. One way that we do this is by inviting experts to write a blog article that shares their perspective about stigma as it pertains to a particular group.

typingB Stigma-Free’s dynamic website has a growing, captive audience, eager to learn more about stigma and its impact on our culture. Sharing personal experiences is a proven effective way to engage people, raise awareness and and impact change. We’ve asked you to contribute to our movement and help people better understand how stigma hurts.

We view this invitation as a partnership. We want it to be win-win, so both B Stigma-Free and your organization benefit. We share a common goal: stopping the stigma experienced by a specific group of people. Collaborating with stakeholders is inherent to B Stigma-Free’s mission – and its success. We appreciate your consideration, and we look forward to working together.


The following policies for invited guest bloggers may help answer any questions that you have.

Original Work:

    • Your post must be original. It must never have been published before on the Internet or elsewhere.
    • You agree that you will not publish the post anywhere else in the future (e.g., in your own blog or as a guest post in other blogs.)
    • Please be sure to give credit to sources where appropriate. This pertains to images, tables or data, or other content that requires attribution.
    • Please don’t be offended if we suggest editorial changes for clarity.


    • Within your blog, please feel free to link to content found on B Stigma-Free’s website. If you are having trouble finding a good link, don’t fear. We can help and enter a link or two if needed.
    • You may include relevant outside links within the body of your article.
    • Of course your organization or group should also get attention. Please be sure to include a link to your organization’s website in your byline.


    • Readers of on-line articles have a short attention span. We encourage you to use shorter paragraphs and bullets to help break-up your content and make the article easier to read.
    • Subheadings are also encouraged.
    • Most articles are between 500-700 words, but shorter or longer is okay too. It is most important that the writing is tight.


    • We encourage imagery to accompany your blog. If you send an image, please credit its source and make sure it is properly attributed.


    • We want you to be appropriately credited for your work. Please make sure your name and organization are included. You may also include a link to your organization, your Twitter handle and any other relevant links.
    • Please send us your bio and your headshot.


    • To maximize exposure, B Stigma-Free cross posts blog articles with Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.
    • We encourage you to promote your article as well using social media, links from your website or blog, and your own network.
    • Please check back occasionally to respond to comments that readers may post about your article.


    • Please send all content to
      • Your article
      • Your bio
      • Your headshot
      • Any accompanying images (with credit/s.)
      • A statement that you do/do not have any conflicts of interests to declare with commercial health organizations.

Spotlight Calendar

Each month B Stigma-Free will spotlight a different area for attention. Blog articles, fact sheets and social media emphasis will call attention to the issue of stigma and the identified topic. Do you have suggestions for us to include? Tell us your ideas here. blog subscription icon

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