Start a School Club

Starting a B Stigma-Free Club in your school is easy. Here are a few simple steps.

    1. Talk with your school administrator or other faculty advisor to get the  necessary permission
    2. Work with your school on the steps needed to establish your club and begin promoting it
    3. Tell your friends and classmates and establish a base of support for participation
    4. Identify potential leaders for the group. Positions you might want to include are
      • President
      • Vice President
      • Publicity/Social media
    5. Check out these links to information and materials. These will help make the process so much easier!
    6. Ask your members to Take the Pledge, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and visit our Pinterest page.
    7. Send us an email so we know that you are up and running and can help you spread the word. Let us know of any exciting activities that you are working on, attention that you receive, and special accomplishments that can help other clubs.

We are eager to lend support and congratulate you
on helping to make your school community b stigma-free.


Spotlight on a School Club

Ludlowe news 9_2014

Fairfield Ludlowe High School in Fairfield, Connecticut is the first B Stigma-Free Club in the country. Founded by Riley Blumenfield, the club aims to end stigma through a variety of activities.

The club was featured as the lead story in Prospect, the school’s newspaper, “This year B Stigma-Free Ludlowe Club will get the community talking … with the ultimate goal of creating an environment within the school where students feel comfortable discussing topics they have felt pressure to avoid.” One student said in the article “B Stigma-Free is a great way for people to be open about the reality of their situation rather than the stereotype often placed on them.” See article above.