Coalition Toolkit

In order to facilitate Coalition members’ outreach and community engagement, we’ve provided this toolkit to help get you started.


Toolkit Download this Toolkit here, for step-by-step instructions including a checklist to help you stay organized.

Branding Guide: In order to maintain B Stigma-Free’s brand we’ve developed this guide to help Coalitions when promoting activities in the community.


Which image file to use? B Stigma-Free has only one logo, but multiple “versions” in different file extensions. To the untrained eye they all look the same, but graphic designers and printing companies not only recognize the differences, they prefer one file over another depending on the logo’s usage. Read our guide here to help know which to choose.


Thinking globally,
Acting locally

Local alliances of B Stigma-Free operate parallel to B Stigma-Free’s national operations. Just as the national group partners with other domestic advocacy organizations that address stigma, the local alliances establish relationships in their communities, engaging community members in dialogue and change.