Start a Local Group

We encourage those interested in becoming more involved to consider establishing a local B Stigma-Free Coalition. By collaborating with other local groups and individuals and engaging your community to get involved and talk about stigma, you are helping others b stigma-free.

Coalitions are organizations, groups and individuals working together on a grassroots level to bring the mission of B Stigma-Free to local communities in a manner that benefits all participating organizations. B Stigma-Free will support the coalitions by providing a framework to carry out the message.

Want to get started? Download our Toolkit here. 

Benefits of establishing a local coalition include:

  •  – The message to b stigma-free will reach a broader audience, Chapters_crowd_colorfulcross-pollinating between different groups
  • – More effective use of resources: rather than draining the (wo)man power of existing volunteers, groups can pool their human resources by working together and accomplishing projects and together they could promote an activity that will draw media attention and engage the community.
  • – B Stigma-Free will act as a feeder organization, engaging community members and helping them “find” other organizations, thus helping build their strength
  • – Website hosting and template for easy set-up
  • – Guidance, including templates for engaging community through writing and art contests, and local events
  • – Sample language for public relations, including templates for press releases
  • – Leadership and talking points for media outreach
  • – Support, guidance and introductions to groups and individuals to build a coalition in your area
  • – Help promoting your local events
  • – Alerts about key legislation and other campaigns
  • – Policy and research resources
  • – Collaboration with a dynamic and fast-growing team
  • – An opportunity to have an impact and influence positive change in your community and across the U.S.

Want to start a group? Click here for resources to get started.

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Thinking globally,
Acting locally


Local alliances of B Stigma-Free operate parallel to B Stigma-Free’s national operations. Just as the national group partners with other domestic advocacy organizations that address stigma, the local alliances establish relationships in their communities, engaging community members in dialogue and change.