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As our country finds its footing to navigate the turbulence of our democracy, B Stigma-Free stands firmly with our partners to stay the course in our persistent commitment to pursue equal rights, inclusion and respect for all people.

There is much work to be done. Join us, and let your voice be heard, for we need you to succeed.

Signing the pledge is a rallying cry – a call to action.  It takes courage. Join us and b.


I realize that stigma is a mark of judgment and disgrace that fuels prejudice, fear, shame and discrimination.

I recognize that stigma isolates and marginalizes people, affecting not just the individual, but also their families, the community and our society.

I am committed to ending stigma and helping build a more supportive, accepting and compassionate society.

I pledge to b stigma-free:

  • I will b aware of the words that I use and how my word choice may perpetuate stigma.
  • I will b outspoken and protect those in need of help.
  • I will b kind.
  • I will b and encourage others to b.
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The b Team:

They signed the pledge to b stigma-free! Will you?

Carson Loveless
Bay de verde, NL

Tammy Marshall
Ithaca, NY

Nirupa Lakshmi
Greater Noida, UT

Ashley Peterson
Vancouver, BC

Villupuram, TAMILNADU


Caroline Nijs
Midland, MI


Nicole Rivera
Trumbull, CT

Lola Munson
Stanford, CA

Cheryl Peck
Ledyard, CT

Rachel Baumann
Fairfield, CT

Bryan, TX

Kathy Gall
Beavercreek, OH

Madeline H
Fairfield, CT

Aliso Viejo, CA

Bettie-Jeanne Rivard-Darby
Ellington, CT

Lori Ellyn Guttman
Fairfield, CT

Krystle Smith
Cookeville, TN

Antijuan Turner
Miami, FL

Michelle Ouellette
Plattsburgh, NE

Linus Ayangwoh Embe
Buea Cameroon, SW

Allison Abrams
New York, NY

Ramon Rhymes
Greenwood Village, CO

Victoria Hoverman
Gaithersburg, MARYLAND

Evan Kalnitsky
Toronto, ON

Donna and Norbert
New York City, NY

Willie Elliott
Syracuse, NY

Amber Jennings
midlothian, VA

Lauren Henry
Richmond, VI

Carrie Stuckey
Midlothian, VA

Tawanda Watkins
Richmond, VA


Elizabeth Crafton
Cherry Hill, NJ

Jeanette Trusky, MD
State College, PA

Fairfield, CT

Ellie Stepanskiy
Fairfield, CT

Darlington Ugbodu
Las vegas, NEVADA

Barakat Lindsey
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Grace Geckeler
Fairfield, CT

Victoria R
Fairfield, CT

Christine Elaine
Broad Brook, CT

Anna Peditto
Philadelphia, PA

Yacoub Mariam

Brittan Davis
Cleveland Heights, OH

Blythe McDonnell
Kansas City, MO

Douglas Cobb
Wethersfield, CT

Tim Bryant
Pasadena, MD

Gillian Quinn
Fairfield, CT

Hinesville, GA

Association for Community Awareness (ASCOA)

Linus Ayangwoh Embe
Buea, CM

Zita Andig Isau
Buea, FA

Louisa Borchuck
Acworth, GA

Nadia Sheikh
Delray Beach, FL

S. Atkinson
Springfield, MO

Meghan Lueck
Menomonie, WI

Channing Bragg
Maryvile, TN

Ellie Roberts
fairfield, CT

Jennifer Annable
Seattle, WA

Samiram Khatib
Buffalo, NY

James O. Whitlock
Buffalo, NY

Dena Omar
Tucson, AZ

Julian Pierce
Orange, CT

Larry Frampton
Nashville, TN

Macey Tunnell
Idabel, OK

Michelle L
Potomac, MD

THOMAS W Curran Jr
Milford, CT

Celina Whitmore
Bridgeport, CT

Westland, MI

Emily Olson Winthrop
Montecito, CA

Lora Boyle
Salt Lake City, UT

Joseph Falcone
Wstwood, NJ

Faith Erickson
abingdon, MD

Nancy Barrer
Westport, CT

Pat Smith
Fairfield, CT

Anthony Walker II
Fairfield, CT

Monika Smith
Fairfield, CT

L. Laberee
Bridgeport, CT

Kyle Gunter
Trumbull, CT

Grady Gunter
Trumbull, CT

R. Gupta
Fairfield, CT

Karen Capponi
Fairfield, CT

Frankie Ortiz
Stratford, CT

Luis Portillo
Bridgeport, CT

Jazmin Rivera
Stratford, CT

Laura Cerisi
Jericho, NY

Hema Iyer
Fairfield, CT

Tony Salamanca
Milford, CT

Rashaun Rodriguez
Norwalk, CT

Linda Downey
Bridgeport, CT

Ellie L.
Fairfield, CT

Teresa Hodge
Greenbelt, MD