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B Stigma-Free™ helps people understand what stigma is, how it causes harm, and how to Image of people in a round table groupeliminate it. We believe that the best way to accomplish this is to partner with other organizations that share our mission to eliminate social stigma.

Coalition members are individuals, groups and organizations that share the goal of eradicating stigma. They share our Basic Tenets and Guiding Principles. Through a mutually beneficial alliance we participate in joint activities that engage the local community in dialogue. B Stigma-Free provides guidance and support to the Coalitions; we recognize that by working together each organization can be more effective and reach a broader audience, and that our collective voices are more powerful than if we stand alone.

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Thinking globally,
Acting locally.

Local chapters of B Stigma-Free operate parallel to B Stigma-Free’s national operations. Just as the national group partners with other non-profit organizations that address stigma, the local affiliates collaborate in their communities, engaging community members in dialogue and change.