Essay Contest Rules 2014


  1. The contest is open to any resident in Fairfield or New Haven counties. This contest is open to anyone from 6rd grade through age 101 (or older!)
  2. Theme:  Eliminating Stigma One Story at a Time
  3. Only one submission per person will be accepted.
  4. The essay must be submitted as a Microsoft Word attachment to an email by May 31, 2014, 5:00 pm to, or mailed to 2370 Black Rock Turnpike #294, Fairfield, CT 06825 with a postmark by May 31, 2014.
  5. Essays will be judged in three categories:
    • Middle School Students (grades 6-8)
    • High School Students (grades 9-12)
    • Adults (18+)
  1. Anonymous entries may be submitted and will be considered for publication, but will not be entered into the contest or awarded a prize.
  2. The essay text is limited to 1500 words. Please submit entries using 12-point font. Pages should be numbered with one-inch margins. The title page and references are not included in the 1500 word maximum.
  3. Each entry must include a Title Page (which is not considered part of the 1500 word limit) with the following information:
    • Essay Title
    • Name, Age and Age Group Category – Middle School (Grades 6-8), High School (Grades 9-12) and Adults
    • School, if applicable
    • Street Address, Phone Number, and E‐mail Address

B Stigma-Free will keep applicant’s identifying information confidential upon request, but this will forfeit qualifying for prizes of cash value.

  1. Essays submitted become property of B Stigma-Free, which may publish or promote the work. Authors will be identified unless previous request to remain anonymous has been received. By virtue of submission authors give permission to B Stigma-Free to publish the work or to use it in other promotional materials.
  2. Entries will be judged by a panel of Southern Connecticut affiliate members of B Stigma and community representatives. All decisions are final. Entries will be judged on content, authenticity, impact and interpretation of the theme “Eliminating Stigma One Story at a Time” as well as consistency with B Stigma-Free’s views and goals.
  3. Awards will be presented at a ceremony on June 4th, 2013.


Scoring Rubric: Judges will follow the following criteria when scoring essays

  • Content (20 points): How well does the author reflect upon and address the issues of mental health care, mental illness and/or stigma?
  • Authenticity (20 points): Does the essay reflect the author’s personal concern and/or experience regarding mental health and mental illness?
  • Impact & Interpretation of Theme (20 points): Are the issues of mental health, support, outreach and/or stigma addressed effectively in the essay?
  • Creativity & Originality (20 points): Has the author creatively and effectively expressed his/her point of view?
  • Writing Quality (20 points): Concise and appropriate language, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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