Essay by Emerson Bish

It is a happy and extraordinary world. I am a happy kid and I like playing baseball and basketball and hockey. In the summer time I would walk to Pleasure Beach to swim. I would watch the tide rolling in, the sand, seagulls and small rocks in the water. I would explore the bridge made of larger stones that was a mile long. As I got older I made some wrong choices about not going to school, not sleeping and trying beer and wine. I did not listen to my parents and I did not do what I was told to do.

After getting into trouble with the law, I felt that was enough for me. I wanted to work to earn money. I just want healthy or strong enough and I did not have enough education or work skills. I needed help and I tried AA. From there I went to the mental health hospital. Three months of going to mental health counseling I noticed my problems started to change. I am feeling better than ever. The counselor made an appointment at Bridge House for me. At Bridge House I could have other medical help such as dental and physical health. I also received help with my finances and I could also socialize and make friends. I learned I could finish my high school and even go to a technical school. Maybe I could even play on the softball team at Bridge House. Music is important to me and I like to learn the chords so I can then try to play the songs. I practice my music thirty minutes every day.

I used to have problems talking with other people. Sometimes I would focus on the subject of the conversation and could not think about what the conversation meant. I do have problems with being social. Even though I like being around other people there are times when I feel strange in a crowd. Most of the time I am by myself thinking and trying to relax. Mostly I just worry myself with every little thing.

Bridge House has helped me to have friends. I don’t feel as nervous as I usually do. I feel relaxed here at Bridge House and I do not worry as much. The people here are friendly to me. I will always be grateful to have Bridge House!

Emerson Bish, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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