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School Directory Sample Language

Let your classmates know about your new B Stigma-Free Club with a short and engaging description. Some schools have a directory where activities are listed, others a flyer on a bulletin board. Here is some suggested language you may use to help let others know  about the newly developing club. You can modify it so it best meets your school’s needs. 

Students in (School’s Name) B Stigma-Free™ Club participate in fun and meaningful activities that increase awareness about social stigma. Getting involved to identify and reduce isolation or discrimination that often occurs due to people’s weight, mental illness, disease or disability, gender identity or sexual orientation, height, race, gender… makes a positive difference in our school climate, and our community.

B Stigma-Free™ is a national non-profit working to reduce stigma, the negative attitude that a person is unacceptable because of a difference. It is fueled by negative stereotypes and is dehumanizing. Through education, advocacy and community engagement, the organization tackles the polarization in our communities and across the country, exposing and reducing stigma in our society.

Join the b Team:



Signing the pledge makes a definitive statement to yourself and others that you want to b stigma-free. Doing so acknowledges that our actions affect others, and we have the choice to decide if we want to b kind. To b accepting. To b tolerant.

Join the movement and b.