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Attitudes of medical professionals towards patients with eating disorders

Fleming, J., Szmukler, G. (1992.) Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry; 26,3:436-443

352 hospital healthcare providers completed a questionnaire. Patients with eating disorders were seen as responsible for their illness and less liked than patients with schizophrenia. Read abstract here.

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The stigma of eating disorders

Gowers SG, Shore A. (1999). International Journal Clinical Practice; 53(5):386-8.

This review explores how the public and healthcare providers stigmatize people with eating disorders, and how this impedes treatment. The authors also explore strategies to reduce stigma to support this population.  Read abstract here.

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The experience of caregiving for severe mental illness: a comparison between anorexia nervosa and psychosis

Treasure, J., Murphy, T., Szmukler, T., Todd, G., Gavan, K., Joyce, J. (2001). Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 36, 7: 343-347.

Guilt and shame contributed to the burden on caregivers to people with anorexia nervosa and severe nervosa, with a higher burden on caregivers to people with the eating disorder. Read abstract here.



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Males with eating disorders: Challenges for treatment and research

Andersen, Arnold E; Holman, John E. (1997). Psychopharmacology Bulletin33.3: 391-7.

Males represent only 10% of people who have eating disorders. Ameliorating stigma needs to be one of the factors addressed when treating them. Read abstract here. 

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A comparison of stigma toward eating disorders versus depression

Roehrig, JP, and McLean, CP. (2010). International Journal of Eating Disorders, 43, 7: 671–674. 

The researchers had participants compare three vignettes about anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and depression. They found that the stigma was greater to people with eating disorders compared to depression. Read abstract here.

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Not all my fault: Genetics, stigma, and personal responsibility for women with eating disorders

Easter, MM (2012.) Soc Sci Med ; 75(8): 1408–1416

This study explored how genetic framing of eating disorders and mental illness affected women’s perception of stigma and responsibility on their diagnoses. Read unedited article here.

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Stigmatizing attitudes towards individuals with anorexia nervosa: an investigation of attribution theory.

Zwickert, K., & Rieger, E. (2013). Journal of Eating Disorders, 1(1), 5.

This study contributes to the small body of research examining stigmatizing attitudes held towards individuals with Anorexia Nervosa. Evidence suggests that these attitudes may be even stronger than those held towards obese individuals. Read article here.

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