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Social stigma in diabetes : a framework to understand a growing problem for an increasing epidemic.

Schabert J, Browne JL, Mosely K, Speight J. (2013.) Patient; 6(1):1-10

The authors reviewed literature to better understand diabetes-related stigma. They found that people who do not have diabetes assume that diabetes is not a stigmatized condition, while people with diabetes report that they experience significant stigma. Diabetes-related stigma has negative impact on psychological well-being and clinical outcomes. The authors propose a framework that highlights the causes (attitudes of blame, feelings of fear and disgust, and the felt need to enforce social norms and avoid disease), experiences (being judged, rejected, and discriminated against), and consequences (e.g., distress, poorer psychological well-being, and sub-optimal self-care) of diabetes-related stigma. Read abstract here.

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The impact of stigma in healthcare on people living with chronic illnesses

Earnshaw VA, Quinn DM (2012.) Journal of Health Psychology, 17:157-68. 

The researchers explored the impact of internalized, experienced, and anticipated stigma within healthcare settings on the quality of life of people living with chronic illnesses. They found that participants who internalized stigma accessed healthcare less and experienced a decreased quality of life. Read abstract here. 

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‘I call it the blame and shame disease’: a qualitative study about perceptions of social stigma surrounding type 2 diabetes.

Browne, J. L., Ventura, A., Mosely, K., & Speight, J. (2013). BMJ open, 3(11), e003384.

This qualitative study is the first to describe, in detail, the perceptions and experiences of diabetes-related stigma from the perspective of adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Read article here.

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