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The State of Learning Disabilities: Facts, Trends and Emerging Issues

Cortiella, Candace and Horowitz, Sheldon H, (2014.) New York: National Center for Learning Disabilities.

This comprehensive report by the National Center for Learning Disabilities explains what learning disabilities are, and illustrates how society perceives people with them. Read report here.

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The Dyslexia Experience: Difference, Disclosure, Labelling, Discrimination and Stigma

Alexander-Passe, Neil ( 2015). Asia Pacic Journal of Developmental Dierences2, 2: 202 233. DOI: 10.3850/S2345734115000290.

This article explores a research study of 22 adults with dyslexia, and found that most perceived stigma and discrimination and experienced depression as a result. These findings were not correlated with whether the participants felt their dyslexia was a positive or not. Read article here.

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Stigma of a Label Educational Expectations for High School Students Labeled with Learning Disabilities

Shifer, D (2013.)  Journal of Health and Social Behavior54:4, 462-480. 

The author finds that consistent with the Labeling Theory, lower performance of students with learning disabilities is attributed stigma: parents and to a larger effect, teachers, have lower expectations of students’ capabilities. Read article here.

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Red-Shirting College Students with Disabilities.

Trammell, J. (2009). Learning Assistance Review, 14(2), 21-31.

College and university students with disabilities, both visible and invisible, must deal with what sociologist Erving Goffman called information management; they must control and protect their stigmatized identity by considering who to tell what, how much to tell, and when to tell. Read article here.

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