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Stigma and Self-stigma Associated with Acquired Hearing Loss in Adults

Gagné J-P, Southall K, Jennings MB. (2011.) Hearing Review;18(8):16-22.

Social stigma and self stigma are common among people with hearing loss, and result in denial of the condition and avoiding appropriate treatment (hearing aids.) Practitioners should be aware of the psychological ramifications of hearing loss; counseling has proven beneficial to address self-stigma and assist with communication with family members about situation.


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Stigma in mothers of deaf children

Hossein Ebrahimi, Eissa Mohammadi, Mohammad Ali Mohammadi, Akbar Pirzadeh, Hamzeh Mahmoudi, and Ismail Ansari (2015.) Iran Journal of Otorhinolaryngology; 27(79): 109–118.

The researchers found that mothers of deaf children experienced scorn, shame and stigmatization that impacted their emotional health. Mothers of children with cochlear implants perceived less stigma than mothers of children who did not. The researchers concluded that mothers’ psychological well-being should be considered as part of the children’s treatment plan. Read abstract here.

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The stigma attached to hearing impairment

Hetu, R (1996.) Scand Audiol Suppl.;43:12-24.

The author analyzes how hearing loss threatens one’s social identity, and its stigma results in delayed treatment. Read abstract here.

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