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A content analysis of weight stigmatization in popular television programming for adolescents

Marla E. Eisenberg, ME., Carlson-McGuire, A., Gollust, SE., Neumark-Sztainer, D. (2014.) International Journal of Eating Disorders, doi: 10.1002/eat.22348.
The portrayal of weight stigmatization on popular television shows—including targeting women of average weight—sends signals to adolescents about the wide acceptability of this behavior and the expected response, which may be harmful. Prevention of weight stigmatization should take a multi-faceted approach and include the media. Future research should explore the impact that weight-related stigma in television content has on viewers. Read abstract here.

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Internet comments on media reporting of two adolescents’ collective suicide attempt.

Sisask, M., Varnik, A, and Wasserman, D. (2006.) Archives of Suicide Research, 9(1):87-98.

This article explored the spontaneous on-line comments provided by readers of seven different Internet articles of the same double-suicide attempt. The authors write that the general population’s attitude about suicide is influenced by its reporting. Read abstract here.

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The effects of news stories on the stigma of mental illness.

Corrigan PW, Powell K, Michaels PJ. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 201(3):179-82. 2013.

Researchers evaluated how a positive, neutral or negative journalism article about mental illness impacted readers’ perceptions of stigma.  Read abstract here.

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