Advisory Council: Michael Morris, PhD

MorrisMichael Morris is Professor of Psychology at the University of New Haven, where he directs the Master’s Program in Community Psychology. He holds a Ph.D. in Community-Social Psychology from Boston College, and does research on the ethical challenges that program evaluators encounter in their work. He is also a faculty member at The Evaluators’ Institute at George Washington University and the AEA/CDC Summer Evaluation Institute in Atlanta, where he offers training in ethical issues and professional standards in evaluation. Dr. Morris has authored three books, the most recent being Evaluation Ethics for Best Practice: Cases and Commentaries. For the past three decades he has worked as a consultant with a variety of human-services, public-sector, and not-for-profit settings.


Board of Directors:

Dana Beyer, MD

Thomas Kaylor

Marvin Pannell, MBA

Vernon S. Thompson, DMin, MEd, MDiv


Advisory Council:

Neelum T. Aggarwal, MD

Patrick Corrigan, PsyD

Irwin Krieger, LCSW

William B. Lawson, MD, PhD, DLFAPA

Andrea Leonardi, MA

Deborah Lipschitz, MD

Michael Morris, PhD

Rebecca M. Puhl, PhD

Catherine E. Semcer

Marilyn Price Spivack

Janie Victoria Ward, EdD, MEd