Spotlight of the Month

Each month we focus on a different spotlight. Articles, fact sheets and general information will be provided to help expand our understanding and b stigma-free. Our social media efforts will also include greater emphasis in these areas.


Labels & Language:

Sometimes we long for labels. They help define our situation, guide our next steps, form our network.

Sometimes labels stigmatize and need to be shunned. They convey stereotypes, lead to isolation, close doors.

Learn more about how the words we choose impact our culture and our biases. Our remarks are so powerful that the people around us are influenced by our word choices too. We have the power to b kind.

Article: Labels in the Workplace. What happens when judgement enters the job? Alison Dotson, author of Being Me with OCD, tells her experience.

Article: How to b. A simple step-by-step guide.zine-cover

Article: Sticks and Stones May Break Our Bones, But Words Can Hurt Forever… That childhood adage just isn’t true.

Zine: Stigma, by Madeline Horrigan

Worksheet: Let Language Empower.

Fast Facts: Labels – The good and the bad.
Pinterest: Labels and the Words We Use
Research: Stigma and labels