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Our spotlight includes stories and articles about HIV and AIDS to increase understanding and break down stereotypes, helping us b stigma-free.

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Share your story and help us build a kinder and more accepting society. Let others better understand how stigma has affected you. We are growing our collection of stories to share, and we want to hear yours!


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Diversity is beauty. Vulnerable youth like transgender foster child Dani deserve to be stigma-free. @BStigmaFree <3 onesimplewish.org/wish/view/20872 Retweeted by B Stigma-Free

Thank U @JennyBoylan 4 calling it out. We'll stand & fight together 2 b #stigma free & protect #LGBT rights @nytimes nyti.ms/2gtQyVp

what is bOur Story

B Stigma-Free is a social movement. A vision. An ideal path – an aspiration. Read about how we came to b, and join us in our quest. Read more.


Sign the Pledge

Signing the pledge makes a definitive statement to yourself and others that you want to b stigma-free. Doing so acknowledges that our actions affect others, and we have the choice to decide if we want to b accepting. To inclusive. To b kind. Join the movement and b. 

Healthcare Bill of Rights

All people deserve to be treated equally and respectfully when seeking and receiving healthcare. Read more.

 We are fighting bias and hate to make our communities inclusive, accepting and respectful for all. We need your help to do this. Join us.



Call for Transgender Volunteers to share your story and improve         understanding.               Learn more here.


We need YOU to b counted.


What is YOUR Story?

When we share our experiences through storytelling, people can relate to us better – That is how we break down stigma! Tell us your story here.

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